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Stunt Ranch runs event centers in Austin and Boulder, offering exciting experiences for all ages.  We host a variety of activities such as Action Hero Training,Corporate Events, Festivals, 5K's, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Paintball & Pyrotechnic Demonstrations, Educational Field Trips and more.


Stunt Ranch is also an ideal location for your film, TV or commercial shoot with licensed special effect and pyrotechnic personnel on-site and ready to work together to boost your productions' value!


  • 25 minutes from downtown

  • Ample parking

  • WiFi high speed

  • On-site Special FX facility for wind, rain, snow, mist, pyro, explosions and more

  • Zoned for outdoor pyro & special effects permits


  • Private property

  • New hotel nearby

  • Catering hookups for water & electricity

Stunt Ranch Offerings

  • 22 acres of varied terrain

  • Pastoral fields

  • War style paintball areas

  • Pyro/explosion blast area

  • Pistol range

  • Ropes courses

  • Climbing rock wall

  • Swimming pool

  • Two zip lines

  • Tree platforms

  • Mulitple picnic areas

  • Enormous oak trees

  • Wooded trails

  • Covered 5000 sq. ft. pavilion with 360 structural for rigging or fly work

  • Classroom space

  • Many "no man-made object"angles for historical shoot

Ariel View Stunt Ranch

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Edited Image 2015-3-5-0:27:51
trial plane.jpg
poster home makeover.jpg
Ancient Impossible.jpg
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steve wolf discovery.jpg
Ancient Impossible.jpg
Metro PCS Commercial
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History Channel Logo White Background.jpeg
Fox & Friends Logo.jpg
Alisyn & Ainsley Fox & Friends.jpg
Presidential Limo Discovery.jpg

Just A Few Projects Shot At Stunt Ranch

Stunt Ranch is an extremely production-friendly venue.  We've been in the business for 26 years.  If you need help, we are happy to lend our experience to help you get the shots you need.   If you need "everything," we would be pleased to produce your shoot for you.  This is a very popular option for insert shots for larger projects.  Call us today today discuss your shoot, and we'll do everything we can to make it a smooth and fun experience.



Discovery Channel

"What Destroyed the Hindenburg?

History Channel 

"Larry the Cable Guy - Pyrotherapy

Travel Channel

"Red, White & New


"Shipping Wars"


Good Morning America

Fox & Friends

Äinsley & Ashley Become Action Heroes"

Discovery Channel

"Presidential Beast - Armoring the President's Limo"

Discovery Canada

"Daily Planet"

Mike Rowe - CNN

Somebody's Gotta Do It

Feature Film - Danger Gods

America's Fittest CEO

WIRED Magazine

Master Blaster

Rooster Teeth

The Slow Mo Guys -  Car Explosion

Microsoft Kinect Game

"The Gunstringer"

Brian Brushwood's

"Scam School"

The new web series,

"How that Works, with Steve Wolf"

Commercial for MetroPCS

48 Hour Film Festival


For more projects click the links below:


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