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Owner Steve Wolf has been producing film and TV for 25 years. He is President of Wolf Stuntworks Inc., owner of Stunt Ranch, and the founder of Science in the Movies Inc., an organization that teaches physics and chemistry through stunt demonstrations.

"If you want people to learn and grow, you have to engineer experiences that promote that growth."

Wolf passionately engages students and teachers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts through his Science in the Movies show. He uses the entertainment industry’s ability to capture and hold kid’s attention to help them master the science they'll need to solve tomorrow’s challenges. 



As the stunt coordinator for MTV's Call to Greatness, Wolf set two world records. He did the special effects for James Cameron's Expedition Bismarck, and John Singleton's Hustle & Flow (a big winner at the Sundance Film Festival). His TV resume includes work on All My Children, Law & Order, America's Most Wanted, Rescue 911, The David Letterman Show, and Whitney Houston's music videos. His feature film work includes: The Firm, Three Men and a Baby, Do the Right Thing, The Last Boy Scout, The Client, The Jungle Book, and Cast Away. He received an Academy Award for his performance in Palingenesis and directed Bending Light.

Steve uses the entertainment
industry's ability to capture and hold kid's attention to help them master science...

As stunt coordinator for MTV's Call To Greatness, Wolf set two world records.

Steve has won STEM Presenter of the Year 2 years running.

Wolf grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where he took up mountain climbing at 6 and became fluent in French, and in New York City where he learned the meaning of "street smart."  He studied communications at Tulane University, and received a B.A. in Writing and Literature (with an emphasis on Shakespeare) from Columbia University in New York City. He's also a graduate of Meisner Training and the Actors Movement Studio.



A partial list of his career experiences include: EMT, Rescue Diver, Scuba Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Private Investigator, Stunt Performer, Stunt Coordinator, Special Effects Coordinator, Camera Consultant, Aerial Rigger, Pyrotechnician, Film Director, TV Producer, TV Host, Inventor, Writer, Publicist, Author, Actor and Pre-School Teacher.  With regard to the number, diversity and depth of his careers, he says ADD is not a lack of focus, it's an extremely intense focus that gets work done fast so you can move on to the next thing - "a hummingbird may look like it's flitting around to you, but from his perspective he knows exactly and precisely what he's doing."

As an Entrepeneur, he's owned an Ad Agency, a PR Firm, an Ambulance company, a Pistol Range, a Stunt & Special Effects Company, a Trial Consulting company, a Pre-School for Dyslexic children, a Film Production company, a Science Teaching company and his own Stunt Ranch.  He's never been able to keep his hobbies from becoming his businesses.



When he's not doing, he's teaching. Last year he won the Time Warner Cable "Science Teacher of the Year" award. He has years of experience teaching Scuba Diving, Shooting, Driving, Mountaineering, Stunt and Special Effects, First Aid and CPR, and even the most dangerous forum of all - Pre-School.  



Steve is a single dad living in Austin, (surrounded by Texas and just south of the U.S.) with his three boys, Clayton, Paxton, and Dashton, who he collectively refers to as his "3 tons of fun."



His doctors don't think he has more than fifty years left to live, so he's making every day count.

When he's not doing, he's teaching. Last year he won the Time Warner Cable "Science Teacher of the Year" award.


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