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Science In The Movies Field Trips


Science in the Movies is the most engaging live
presentation most students will ever see in school.



By getting kids excited about science, and giving them clear, vivid and memorable examples of key science concepts in action, the Science in the Movies show is raising science test scores! That's right - students who see the Science in the Movies assembly in their schools score up to 33% higher on their physical science scores than students at neighboring schools that don't get the program.


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Stunt Ranch Field Trips

STEM Education

Field Trips packed with activities and a presentation teaching kids about physics, states of matter,

engineering, physics and more!

School Assemblies
Keynote Address

Science In The Movies is a live presentation that reveals the exciting ways science is used to create movie special effects and stunts, teaching over 100 essential science and safety concepts.

Steve Wolf's presentations offers an exhilerating, fast-paced and funny presentation that reveals how over 100 key STEM concepts are the basis of all movie stunts and special effects in a way audiences will never forget.  

Call 512-363-0116 to book!

Stunt Ranch Field Trip


Our students never stopped smiling!


~Valley View Elementary

It's so good we come back year after year. 


~Brackenridge High School

At Stunt Science Day Field Trips teachers and students ride ziplines, attack ropes courses, play in our mountains of foam or movie snow, fly through the air like action heroes, challenge fears by jumping onto our High-Fall Stunt-Man Airbag, and end the day with a fireball explosion!    


Enjoy 3 hours of exhilarating activities and add a 1-hour presentation on the Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special effects for a day your students will never forget!

Science Education at Stunt Ranch

Steve Wolf has been a full time movie stunt and special effects coordinator for movies and TV shows for over 20 years, while simultaneously teaching science to students and educators, through his "Science in the Movies" programs.

Wolf's goal is to teach, and to have STEM content taught, the way we wish it had been presented to us, so that more young people will be enticed to learn and love science and the amazing things you can do with it. 

Call 512-363-0116 to book!


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