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Film On Location At Stunt Ranch

Stunt Ranch is an ideal and versatile location for your film, commercial, TV shoot or music video.  Our award winning special effects service and convenient locations, combine the perfect landscape with a multi-talented special effects company.  We'd love to help you with your next film project.  


Our staff has over 30 years experience in the film industry.  We love what we do.

Our experience and creative vision will boost your film or project.  

1 Stop
In-House Production. 

Filming On Location At Stunt Ranch


Wolf Stuntworks is a multi-talented special effects and stunt company that can bring your next
film project to greatness.  Our dedicated staff has over 20 years experience in the industry.  


Music Videos

Demo Reels

Feature Film


Television Show

Media & Publicity Reel

CNN - Mike Rowe's "Somebody's Got To Do It" Series

An explosive look at making an action hero at Stunt Ranch.

Pompeii Music Video

Shot the video for “Blueprint” at Stunt Ranch.

Yeti Cooler Versus Series 

Six series commercials filmed for Yeti Coolers on site at Stunt Ranch.

CNN - Somebody's Got To Do It - Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe Action Hero

Feature Film - Danger Gods

America's Fittest CEO

WIRED Magazine

Master Blaster

Rooster Teeth

The Slow Mo Guys -  Car Explosion

Microsoft Kinect Game

"The Gunstringer"

Brian Brushwood's

"Scam School"

The new web series,

"How that Works, with Steve Wolf"

Commercial for MetroPCS

48 Hour Film Festival


For more projects click the links below:

Discovery Channel

"What Destroyed the Hindenburg?

History Channel 

"Larry the Cable Guy - Pyrotherapy

Travel Channel

"Red, White & New


"Shipping Wars"


Good Morning America

Fox & Friends

Äinsley & Ashley Become Action Heroes"

Discovery Channel

"Presidential Beast - Armoring the President's Limo"

Discovery Canada

"Daily Planet"

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Ancient Impossible.jpg
Metro PCS Commercial
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History Channel Logo White Background.jpeg
Fox & Friends Logo.jpg
Alisyn & Ainsley Fox & Friends.jpg
Presidential Limo Discovery.jpg
Pompeii Music Video At Stunt Ranch

Just A Few Projects Shot At Stunt Ranch

Stunt Ranch is an extremely production-friendly venue.  We've been in the business for 26 years.  If you need help, we are happy to lend our experience to help you get the shots you need.   If you need "everything," we would be pleased to produce your shoot for you.  This is a very popular option for insert shots for larger projects.  Call us today today discuss your shoot, and we'll do everything we can to make it a smooth and fun experience.




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