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StuntStrong Concert #1 - Sept 23, 2016

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"ACTION!" - When stunt people hear that word, we do something dramatic. Because dramatic actions change the world. If you're on this site, chances are it's because you want to change the world, and you're looking to make the changes in you that make that possible.

Change the world with me. Take ACTION by SHOWING UP to support the things that matter.

Every month, I'm going to hold a concert at Stunt Ranch to promote a cause that I care about, and to nurture the careers of artists who inspire me. I'm calling it the StuntStrong Concert Series. Always meaningful, always from the heart, always family friendly.

Starting September 23rd, 2016. (I'm embarrassed to admit that when I went to type the year, I instinctively typed 19...


StuntStrong Concert #1 will feature three amazing artists:

Proceeds from this event will be donated directly to Final Salute Inc., a non-profit dedicated to providing safe and suitable housing for homeless female veterans and their kids. So far, Final Salute Inc. has provided over 10,000 housing days for homeless female veterans and their kids, provided money to over 1700 female veterans, and helped over 500 female veterans as they transition from the military to civilian jobs.

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The Venue

For more information on Final Salute Inc., please visit their website at

The suggested donation for this event is $25 which provides 1 full day of housing, clothing, food, and social work support to a homeless female veteran and her children.

All your favorite Stunt Ranch activities; ropes & obstacle courses, high fall Stuntman Airbag, and Zip lines, will be available to enjoy. 

I'm excited to host this family fun event that honors and supports our female veterans, and I hope you'll join me.

- Steve Wolf, Founder of Stunt Ranch


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