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Science In The Movies



Science in the Movies has been performed at thousands of schools across the United States.  Our award-winning live presentation reveals the exciting ways science is used to create movie stunts and special effects.  During a thrilling one hour assembly, Steve Wolf's team performs six stunts and effects that teach over 100 essential concepts of science and safety.  


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Key Science Topics Covered: 

States of Matter (Solids, Liquids, Gases)

Changes in States of Matter (Phase Changes)

Properties of Matter (Conductivity, Density, Insulation, Resistance, Viscosity, Flammability, Reactivity, Tensile Strength)

Chemical Reactions

Chemical Energy

Electric Circuits

Fire Dynamics

Mechanical Advantage

Work vs. Effort

Pressure & Force


Simple Machines (Levers, Ramps, Wheels, Axles, Screws, Wedges, Pulleys),

Compressability of Gasses

Thermodynamics (Conservation of Energy, Conduction, Convection, Radiation)



Key Safety Topics Covered:

Drugs & Alcohol

Seat Belts

Home Fire Safety Plan, Stop, Drop & Roll, Anti-Smoking, Lightning Safety, Healthful Eating, and Don't Try This at Home!


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